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Chanel Blackmore has dedicated her years to bringing out the best in people especially women purposefully.

A former corporate trainer, published author, minister, and a remarkable certified Life coach, Chanel draws upon her 15 years’ experience from the field of education to a career path where she can drive and empower women to pursue their true identities. With firsthand knowledge of what self-authenticity entails, Chanel inspired JustBMore Coaching, an organization whose mission is to sharpen, encourage, and motivate women in every area of life.

In her community, she is widely recognized as the Purpose PusHER, for her uncanny ability to spot areas that steal their uniqueness and support them with a great passion for maximizing their newly found unique self. 

Chanel is the author of four motivational books, What’s In Your Box, Watch Me Werk, Manifest Destiny, and The Purpose Project.  She is a co-host of an online talk show, Women, Money, & Power (formerly BYOB Morning Show) and you can find some of her ministerial videos on YouTube.  Chanel has mounted the podium at several events to shed more light on the topic of women putting themselves first. 

As a coach, she designs her workshops, events, and courses, to precisely guide these women through self-discovery and reflection. Chanel is one coach who drives you to discover what you are most passionate about in turn live successfully, spiritually, and soulfully.

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My mission is to help people find their true identity and live life on purpose.

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