Black is Queen: Your Royal Ancestry Course w/Payment Options


Black is Queen: Your Royal Ancestry is a 12-week course specifically designed for Black Women. It focuses on the struggles of our ancestors and what we can learn from them. It helps us see ourselves in a positive light and remember that we are royal descendants of powerful kingdoms. It’s time we act like it!


The Royal Family has been able to trace their ancestors back for generations. Unfortunately, we as ADOS (African Descendants of Slavery) cannot do the same because it’s focused on helping people find and record roots through DNA samples or historical records; which is why this 12-week genealogy course was created – so that beginners can learn how they too could uncover the past while recording their family history! This information doesn’t apply just in one country either – meaning wherever your DNA may lead, be it throughout Africa, The Americas, or the WORLD–you’ll be able to find your ancestors.



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